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Just didn't drink enought to say you love me.

Wonder what's wrong with me?

Guess it wasn't real all along.

In a dream, will you give your love to me? Beg my broken heart to beat, save my life, change my mind.

Blame it on to me, set your guilt free, nothing can hold you back now.

I hate me for breathing without you.

Bout you know I'm not the onlyone.

Why can't you feel me calling your name? Can't break the silence, its breaking me.

All my fears turn to rage.

All that I can't ignore alone at night.

Find the words to make me better.

Make me understand the lesson, so I'll find myself, so I wont be lost again.

Guess I tought I'd to change the world to make you see me, to be the one.

Should it hurts to love you? Should I feel like I do?

Should't have to let you torture me so sweetly, now I can't let go of this dream, I can't breathe.

I've completly lost myself and I don't care, I can't say no to you.

Am I good enough for you to love me too?

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