▬A line allows a progress, a circle does not. ○


My thoughts of you just fade away,
and it's not my fault this time.
I coudn't listen you again saying that's all on my mind.
you still being a part of my life,
I wake up and the first thing I do is remembering you, checking my voicemail to see if you left me a message, see my text messages...
But this morning nothing's inbox, not from you...
Does it really surprises me?
I don't know.. I thought that when I thought that you were angry with me was all a fantasy, but now, I'm starting to believe that things are in a differente way.
Can't understand what game are you playing, just know that I wanna know to play with the same rules...
You can tell me that all I've seen it's just a part of your past, but you know what?
I'm exhausted of bein all the time the crazy that doesn't sleep 'cause it's thinking in a suped-bad plan to make her enemies die or leave you alone (with me)
I just wanna... I don't know, kill them all.
Or easier, sometime, I just wanna kill everything and make you die in my forgotness.
FUCKER, I hate you and I love you.

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