▬A line allows a progress, a circle does not. ○


I'm at home, hearing the silence, having a hot cup of tea, smoking a cigarette, breathing that particular smell of the rain, a mix of wet earth and water...
I'm throwing down papers, notes, messages home, pictures...
I'm findin' again my own, I'm realising I'm feeling myself again, after a long time of darkness and panic.
Nowadays, I'm not sure I could tell you that I'm in a status quo, but I'm sure that today, everything I wanna have's mine.
The smoke's slowly dissapearing, the confusion on my mind's slowly dying and the rainbow's shining with its true colours for me.
It's a preiod of glory that's just starting, and now it won't have an end.
It's more than a wish of seeing life better or having a good time or enjoying life in a different way; it's a new stage, one more step on the stairway of my life.
The sun dows shine, so I don't have any reason to be cold, awake! Hot's rising up!
All I can do is smile.
And while I was finishing writting, the rain has gone.

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